List of French Alphabets (L’alphabets francais)

Alphabets are one of the basic and important part of learning a language likewise French Alphabets and its correct pronunciation is a very important. The pronunciation also matters the most because the better you pronounce the letters, the better you start understanding and speaking french language.
Like English, French also has 26 letters however it doesn’t sound same as English. For your better understanding I have listed out letters and its pronunciation below. Please focus on the letters and sounds.

Alphabets  Pronunciation
A aa
B bay
C say
D day
E e
F ef
G zhey
H aash
I ee
J zhee
K kah
L el
M em
N en
O o
P pay
Q koo
R er
S es
T tay
U eu
V way
W doobl-way
X eeks
Y eegrek
Z zede

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