French Accents (Les accents)

Accents are symbols placed over the vowels either to change the meaning of a word or to change the pronunciation. It is very important that accents should be placed in proper positions because an incorrect or a slight miss in accent then can sound really weird. There are basically four accents for vowels and one accent for a consonant and they are as follows

1. Accent Aigu [/] : This accent is always found on ‘e’
      Ex: clé, réaction, café

2. Accent Grave [] : This accent is found only on A E U
      Ex : j’espère,  très, mère, à,  où


3. Accent Circonflexe [^] : This accent is always found on vowels A E I O U
      Ex: être, hôtel, août, gâteau


4. Accent Trema [ ” ] : It is placed on the vowels I E U 
     Ex: noël, naïve, saül


5. Accent Cedille [ ç] : This accent found in underneath the lettre ‘C’
     Ex: ça va, garçon, français, leçon

French accents are not usually written when they appear above a capital letter

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