French Vowels and Consonants

Vowels: [ Les Voyelles] 

A vowel is basically sound that is vibrated through the vocal folds and some using nasal without using your lips or tongue. There are basically 6 vowels divided into 3 sets of vowels those are hard vowels, soft vowels and nasal vowels.

Hard Vowels

Vowels  Pronunciation
A aa
O o
U eu

Soft Vowels

Vowels  Pronunciation
E e
I ee

Nasal Vowels

Vowels which are followed by alphabets M or N will sound or should sound nasal. The pronunciation is difficult from the normal pronunciation.

Other Vowels

Y (eegrek) = is known as semi vowel(voyelle)
H (aash) = is known as mute (h mute)which means silent.


You might be confused with some of the vowel pronunciations online however the sound depends on the individuals accent and nothing else.

Consonants: [Les Consonants]

Always remember in French, you have to open your mouth to complete the whole word which is basically opposite to english

Alphabets  Pronunciation
B bay
C say
D day
E e
F ef
G zhey
H aash
J zhee
K kah
L el
M em
N en
P pay
Q koo
R er
S es
T tay
V way
W doobl-way
X eeks
Y eegrek
Z zede

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