Basic Greetings in French (Salutations en français)

Learning how to greet people in french might be very useful if you are traveling to french. Even if you dont really know how to speak french, greeting might just help you to interact with french people in a respective way. Imagine an American comes to you and says “Namaste”, Thats how they will feel. Therefore we have listed out few greetings which will surely help you learn french greetings easily.

Greetings in English
Greetings in French
Good Morning Sir
Bonjour Monsieur
Good Afternoon Madam
Bon après-midi Madame
Good Evening Miss
Bonsoir Mademoiselle
Good Night Sir/Madam
Bonne nuit Monsieur / Madame
Good Morning Gentlemen
Bonjour Messieurs
Good Evening Ladies
Bonsoir Mesdames
Have a good day
Bonne journée
Pleased to meet you
Have a good trip/Happy journey
Bon voyage
Have a safe journey
Bonne route
Merry Christmas
Joyeux Noël
Happy New Year
Bonne année
Best wishes
Meilleurs voeux
Happy Easter
Joyeuses pâques
Happy Birthday
Bon anniversaire

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